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With fifteen years of experience behind us, we established ABA Marble and set up the Onyx quarries mainly in Manisa region, 2012.

We became leading producer of onyx marble in Turkey. Onyx has become unanimous with the name of ABA Marble.
Our investments in Onyx has gained us a solid reputation.
Exporting Onyx to over 80 countries making us industry leader in Turkey.

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Our Quarries

Leading the industry with two operational quarries in Manisa region

Manisa - I

Manisa-I onyx quarry has been operational since 2012


Manisa - II

Manisa - II onyx quarry has been operational since 2012

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Manisa Quarry

The location of our quarries contributes to
our success. The Manisa region is
favourable for mining due to the climate,
easy-access to Izmir port ensures same-day

The queen of marbles


Onyx is classified as a semi-precious stone which is extremely rare. Recent developments in technology have allowed us to process Onyx to a high standard. The delicate nature of Onyx makes it highly desirable and a luxury material.

onyx beauty

The refined quality of Onyx is evident in the
exclusivity of our clients. Onyx is displayed
in five star hotels, department stores and
residential buildings. 


Residential Buildings

Luxury design for living rooms, enterence halls, bedrooms


Bars and Restaurants

Elegant bars and restaurants



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